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19 Rechargers:

  1. Hi my first visit here, came via sindura/bayleaf... Have blog rolled you shall keep visitng you more often... your focaccia sandwich is very tempting and the cookies are l.ooking very crispy...

  2. Thanks for Visiting Ramya!!Its nice and encouraging for me to hear that you loved my blog.

  3. My first visit too, came form your aunts place; will add you in my reader.

  4. Thank you Happy cook but Sindhura is my cousin sister not my aunt!!

  5. Chaitra,

    Your blog looks wonderful dear. Nice layout and designs and of course great recipes. Keep blogging...

  6. Thats really very nice of you Sowmya.With what ever little knowledge i have i made all these changes

  7. hi chaitra, first of all thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments too..., this is my first time in ur blog, you have very colourful and beautiful blog, foccacia was very tempting and the mango ice cream and garelu..., Oh! i still have to go thorough all ur recipes..., will visit again..., i have blog rolled u so will be visiting u often...

  8. First time to your blog and I really like it a lot. Nice dishes and nice site format and pics. keep it going. will be here often from now. :)

  9. You have a wonderful blog with all kinds of yummy recipes.Good job.

  10. HI, Thanks for the wishes :) Your blog has some really good recipes :)

  11. Hi Chaitra, You have a very great blog with good recipes. rgds

  12. Hi Chaitra...wish your blog were 3D----ha ha ha, would love try out all the recipes straight from my PC! Good job! I just love your blog!

  13. Hi Chaithra,
    It had been a month,since then every now and then iam visiting your blog.Iliked the dishes very muvh.

  14. Hai,chaitra!all ur recipes are too good and simple to understand.Thank u for helping us.

  15. Simple and neat format with lovely pictures. Keep rocking!!

  16. hi chaitra..i dont think so u need to change anything ..ur blog is perfect and neat and organised,i love crispy medu vadas and this recent post of yours is just awesome,adding cabbage to these vadas r new and looks innovative.happy blogging..cheers,sonal.

  17. Hi dear,
    love everything abt ur blog...perfect logo,well explained recipes,bful floral background,creative presentation and mouthwatering drooling recipes..keep it up...i dont thing i hv any suggestions to change anything from ur u rock girl...

  18. Hi Chaitra,
    I like your blog so much because you are the one from who commented first on my blog :) and like your chocolate cake recipe much. Everything is perfect in your blog.

  19. Hi Chaitra,

    Its my first visit here.
    I am learning to cook and am hopeful to get great insights here and be able to do more than my current expertise in cooking (boiling water :P).

    Keep up the good work .



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