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This refreshing summer chiller comes to you all the way from Godavari district i.e, Rajamundry. During our visit to the market place there i have seen one small shop over crowded with so many people drinking something colourful and some eating red and yellow mixture.It all seemed to me funny and out of curiosity i asked my dad what was it?Then he said that all those people were waiting for their turn to have Rose milk and flavoured vermicelli milk.When he asked me whether i would like to try i said no way.But when he and amma insisted i had to say Yes.But let me tell you after one sip i totally got addicted to it and from then on whenever we go to Rajamundry dad makes it a point to take me there and that small shop is famous for Rose milk.
Last week when thatagaru came from Rajamundry he bought this Rose syrup for me and guess what i am into !!!

Toned milk-1 glass
Sugar-as per taste
Rose syrup-2-3 tsps
Vermicelli-1 tbsp (Semiya)
Cashew nuts and almonds-1 tsp
Refrigerate milk for 2 hours. After 2 hours remove it, add sugar and grind it by doing this you are making it frothy. Meanwhile you can boil vermicelli and allow it to cool. Take serving glass and add rose syrup, boiled vermicelli, nuts and milk-sugar.Blend all these ingredients well and serve.e.
NOTE-For simple rose milk you can remove vermicelli from the above list.
Rose syrup itself is sweet so add sugar as per taste
But i love simple rose milk version not just because i am lazy but i dont like vermicelli.
You can also add boiled sago palm/saggu biyyam.
Sending this to the Sweet event hosted by Mahimaa and Sri Valli

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8 Rechargers:

  1. Wow i love the colour, looks so beautiful and yummy.

  2. Wow Chaitra, such a refreshing and a soothing drink!!! nice color too and the addition for vermicelli is simply superb!!!

  3. Color is too tempting...and surely i wl try this..:)
    im new to your blog...surely i will come often..v both are freshers.. :) and started blog almost in same fst entry with a post was on march 1st and started blog on last date of feb.. :)

  4. Simply superb Rose milk, love the brilliant idea of adding vermicelli CHaitra!

  5. I too make rose milk but never add vermicelli interesting looks yum.

  6. Thank you Happy cook,Ramya,Lena,Priya and Rekha for you wonderful comments!!Indeed its you people who support,encourage and inspire me to blog.
    Happy blogging


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