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I am waiting to post this recipe.This is truly traditional sweet of Andhra.Amma use to give me and M one laddu per day by saying that it is very healthy.Really i suggest if you have kids give them atleast one per day and i am sure they will love this it because of its unique taste.Topping it is its nutritional values.
This laddu is prepared on special occasions.
Trust me you will never forget this taste.
Urad dal-1 cup
Jaggery-3/4 th cup (Grated)(or else go for powdered Jaggery)
Ghee-as required
First take a thick bottomed pan and roast urad dal until golden brown in colour or untill you get that pleasant roasted smell.Off the flame and allow it to cool.Now grind roasted urad dal along with grated jaggery into fine powder.I mean you should get sandy texture.Meanwhile take another kadai and melt ghee.To this add roasted urad dal and jaggery powder.Mix well.Remove from heat and make them into small golf sized balls.Add ghee if necessary while making laddus.
NOTE-Instead of Jaggery you can use sugar also.
Sending this to Mother's day Event hosted by Shama

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  1. I love laddos, this one i have nev erhad.
    Beautiful round shape.

  2. Chaitra, ladoos looks divine and yummy... I am bookmarking it...

  3. Hi Chaitra,
    yummm laddos, it's healthy too. I like this one for its coarse texture.MMMM...the allam pachadi looks spicy and superbly tempting, hope to see u around.

  4. Hi,
    I am new, Ladoos sure look yummy.We Sindhi's make something similar to thsi but with sugar.

  5. Hi,

    I tried the recipe yesterday. Almost 5 laddhus came perfect, all others were breaking! I was losing patience and it wasnt holding together at all! After that, I added some milk to it and made a kheer and added some roasteed raisins and cashews. Was wondering if I was heading for a disaster! But evn that turned out good! :)

    Well, any suggestions for the above prob? I did add a lot of ghee!

  6. Dear Passion for life!!
    What i suggest is please leave your mail id and i will get back to you!!

  7. Hi Chaitra,

    Thanks a lot for responding! my email id is


  8. Hey Chaitra,

    Bumped here through ur comment,glad I did that...U have an amazing space here with some authentic andra recipe which for me is very new...Book marked many of ur recipes,this one surely is very new to me,never heard of this before nor have I tasted this...I am sure it tastes as delicious as it sounds....

    Come up with more.
    Njoy blogging n happy cooking...


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