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I love street foods esp Pani puri occupies the top most position after chaat and bhel puri.We have one nice Chaat wallah(Bandi as we say) near our college and after 4 the chaat flavour is in the air taking you for a quick relish.Most of the times i try to avoid it because my mom warns me not to go for it.But it often becomes irresistable for me, so i go for chaat but not for pani puri because that person is pretty fast in serving and i am pretty slow while eating.So i opt for chaat.As soon as i saw Pani puri recipe from here i became irresistable once again,so amma had to prepare it for my sake.I am here enjoying it slowly:-)
About Pani Puri-Little kahani
Panipuri is a hollow, puffed, round dough with a crunchy shell. The shell by itself is not tasty, unless it is filled with a spicy potato-based mixture and dipped in masala water. The stuffing is prepared separately, and inserted into the panipuri through a hole made in the shell. It is then dipped in the masala water and served.
For pani-
Water-3 cups water
Pudina leaves-1 cup
Coriander-1/2 cup
Green chilli-5-7
Salt-as per taste
Roasted cumin powder-1 tsp
Pani puri masala-1-2 tsps
For Filling~Chaat
You can simply mash boiled potatoes and add chopped onions,green chilli,spice powders or else you can make Chaat
For Puris-
Instead of Home made puris i bought ready made ones.For Home made puri's recipe you can click here....
For Sweet/Meeta chutney-
Deseeded dates-
Tamarind pulp-2-3 tbsps
Jaggery-1/4 th cup (grated)
Cumin powder-1 tsp
Red chilli powder-1 tsp

The Rest-
Chopped onions and chopped coriander!!
For Pani-Grind pudina,coriander and green chilli together into a fine paste.Now add this paste to water along with pani puri masala,cumin powder and salt.Mix all the ingredients well and keep it aside.
For Chutney-Grind all the ingredients into smooth paste by adding little water.The chutney should be sticky and consistency should be thick.
While serving-Make a small hole in the puri,now fill it with 1 tsp of chaat,tamarind chutney and onions.Dip it in pani and now your pani puri is ready to eat.
Lastly all i can say is Enjoy!!!
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Sending this to the Green Gourmet Event hosted by Preethi of Relishing recipes...
Sending this to RCI-Mumbai Street food hosted by Aquadaze

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  1. I love love panipuri too and this looks super yummy.

  2. I miss pani puri too much as we dont get this here, first thing going back I am going to do is to have lots of these :)

  3. Love Pani poori... nice place and welcome to the world of Indian food blogging :)

  4. I miss panipoori, my favourite one!

  5. I looove Pani Puri!! And your's look really really good!! :)

  6. Nice & delicious post ...Great job dear ... Making pani puri at home ...Can you send some for me ...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog , hope to see you again ...

  7. Pani poori looks perfect mu hubby's fav..first time to ur good recipes..

    If u have time pls check out my blog!!!

  8. Pani puri looks yummy,My favorite!!!

  9. slurp!! needless to say, THE perfect entry for the event, thanks

  10. You have an AMAZING blog!

    Oh my goodness,it is so beautiful, well written, and photographed! All your recipes look fabulous.

    I do not know where to begin because I want to see them all.

  11. Thank you for introducing me to something new! I have never heard of pani puri before, it sounds lovely and I would love to try it :)

  12. i lov pani puri..this looks yummy n delicious....

  13. looks tempting .... taste sure would be ........yummylicious

    my daughter would just plunge into it given a chance

    thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my poem

  14. Hey I love Pani Puri..Yours looks delicious..Thanks for visting my blog n for the lovely comments...

  15. Dear All,
    Thanks for your wonderful and encouraging comments.
    Keep visiting!!

  16. good one. your blog design too :)

  17. thankyou soo much dear for visiting my space....You know today is my fast and your pani puri post is making me crazy....looks soo tempting and inviting...your are so correct ,it is no1 street food and my favorite...your blog is amazing dear...keep rocking ....and do visit my blog again..

  18. Chaithra! (sweet name:))..I should say you have a lovely collection of homely and cute :)

    Love your pavillion..

    Nice to see a blogger in India too :).. malayalee?

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog dear...
    Great we hv sent the same entris for the same event...looks yummy dear...

  20. Hi Chitra..Thanks for dropping by...pani puri looks so yum..I love them too ...added you in blogroll as you request...keep in touch gal

  21. Hey dear...thanks for stopping by have a yummy collection of recipes....

  22. wow... chaitra!!! I saw all the 3 blogs of yrz... U seem to be so creative... How did u come up with such cool layouts???
    The pictures in the blogs call for a feast...I was drooling!
    Pani Puris look soooo good chaitra, u rock!

  23. hi chaitra..
    thanks for your visit .
    you have a nice blog and paani puri is just so irresistible....i sometimes make the puris at home them.

  24. hi chaitra..
    thanks for your visit .
    you have a nice blog and paani puri is just so irresistible....i sometimes make the puris at home them.

  25. You have posted all my favourite dish..I miss panipuri terribly...I have to wait till I visit India.

  26. Check my blog for the typical panipuri(gupchp) served in orissa....!!!


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