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This creamy,mouth watering and easy Ice cream comes from my Aunt(Uma). She says -I am a fun-loving, easy going and dependable person. Being a cancerian, I am a little sensitive and consider my self a good cook!!
My comments-Really the pic looks tempting and i am glad that she is here with me in India!!
Uma's comments on this Mango Ice cream-
This is utterly delicious. In fact, my kids love it so much that we have reduced the buying of ice creams from outside.
Mango Pulp - 1 tin
Condensed Milk - 1 tin
Evaporated Milk - 1 tin
For garnishing-
Cherries,Nuts,Cut fruits (Obviously mango,apart from mango you can also add cut pineapple and honey
Take a bowl and combine all the three ingredients.Now freeze this mixture.While serving add cut mango and pineapple pieces.Scoop the ice cream and add honey and cashew nuts.Finally top it with cherries.
Yummy yummy Mango ice cream is waiting for you!!Are you ready to taste it???
Sending this Yummy ice cream to Sri valli's Mango Mela
It gives me great pleasure to announce to you all that my blog reached 3000 mark.I thank all the wonderful bloggers who took time and left their valuable comments and encouraged me time-to-time.Here's one small token of appreciation-i mean Global blogger Award for our cute bloggers,promoting Indian as well as International recipes through their blogs.
I am giving this Award to the following bloggers!!

Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures
Hari of Indian Cuisine
Mangala of Recipes 24 X 7
Nitya of A Culinary Odessey
Ramya of Memory Archieved
Trupthi of Recipe Center
Dear Happy cook,Hari,Mangala,Nitya,Ramya and Trupthi,
Please accept this award.

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  1. Mango ice cream looks mouth watering..nice presentation and click

  2. Mango ice cream is one of my favourite ice cream and this looks so creamy yumy.
    Thankyou for giving me this wonderful award.
    It is really very sweet of you.

  3. I am glad that u bumped into me...its a pleasure to discover ur blog, thanks for leaving the trail!!

    Love ur write-up, pictures and rcipes. All sounds kool. Congrats with the award.

  4. Hey nice presentation ..and mango ice cream looks mouthwatering ...congrats on ur award ..hey Thanks sooo much for ur comments@ my blog and This Award :)Thanks da
    Keep visiting
    with warm regards

  5. First time here. You have a wonderful blog even when u are a student. Good job done dear.
    Mango ice cream looks yummy.

  6. Mango Ice cream looks wonderful.I liked the addition of evaporated milk in it.This method is easier too,i dont have an icecream maker so never try out icecream recipes...this sounds interesting.Bookmarked!
    Also thanks a ton for the was very thoughtful of u.Am honoured!

  7. nice is my favorite!!

  8. Hey Chaitra after looking at the ice cream I recollected the fond memories of childhood the waffers sided icecream mmm I usually take 3-4 waffers and always fight with my bro for his waffer too!!! the icecream looks very creamy and rich with loads of nuts and the condensed milk!!! Thanks for passing the award dear thats a nice creation too!!!

  9. wow yummy icecream & tempting pictures ........

  10. Dear Chaitra, Mango ice cream looks delicious.Give me that bowl. Congratulations on your success and thank you very much for thinking of me. I am very honored

  11. Very nice, have some guests coming in the weekend may be will try out this icecream.

  12. Dear Happy cook,Ramya,A2Z Veg cuisine,Srilekha,Trupthi,Kalyani,Renu,Nitya,Viki and Mangala!!
    Thank you very much for your wonderful comments.You all made my day.
    Cheers and stay tuned!!

  13. That looks delectable. You have a great blog! Happy blogging. and thanks for dropping by mine!

  14. Wowww!!! I really surprised...Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful award. This is my first award.. So nice of you..thank you soooooooo much :)

    and mango ice cream looks amazing..will try soon.

  15. Mango ice cream looks mouthwatering. Luved the way you presented it also. You have a cool blog. Thanks for stopping by.


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