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The rich heritage and culture of Andhra pradesh are reflected in the culinary skills of its people. The mere mention of Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine brings before the mind's eye of wholesome meal accompanied by hot tasty pickles or biryani accompanied by an appetising aroma.Coastal Andhra,Rayalaseema and Telangana-the 3 regions of Andhra have distinctive style of cooking. Chillies and soices are used in abundance but this need not deter food lovers from indulging themselves in a feast.Moghlai influence in the Deccan made Moghlai cooking popular.
While Hyderabad is known for its wholesome biryani and a wide range of Non vegetarian as well as vegetarian fare,the coastal region of the state offers a wide choice as far as veg cooking and pickles are concerned.The chillies grown in the region are highly potent and give special flavour to the pickles.Not only meat and fowl that Moghlai deals with,we have Bagara baingan,Dalcha, Khaddu ka kheer,Mirchi ka salan etc.
Avakai is really hot and tangy Mango pickle and there is hardly any house hold in the region without preparing Avakai in the summer.A deadly combination fo sour mangoes with harsh chili powder and pungent mustard in oil gives it a heady taste.Gongura chutney is another speciality of Andhra region.In the coastal Andhra region ,Korivi karam (literally flaming chilli) is a rage.Ripe red chillies and tamarind are used to make this chutney .Abundant availability of fish,prawns and crabs has resulted in a wide range of varieties.
Another Andhra rice speciality is Pulihora in which Tamarind pulp,red and green chillies and condiments are used to give it a special taste.
In Rayalaseema regions Jowar is used in making Jowari rotis called Jonna rottelu and it is accompanied best when served with vegetarian or non-vegetarian side dishes.Ragi is also used to make a sticky mass called Ragi sangati,it is highly nutritious and ideal food for all ages.
Sweets and kheer are not everyday affairs but form part of the meal on special occasions in any part of the state.We have Hyderabadi delicacies like Sheer khorma, double ka meetha and Khubani ka meeta.In other parts of Andhra we have a milky delicacy called Parvannam(kheer).
Andhras also make spicy powders like Kandhi podi,Kobbari karam,Nalla karam,Karivepaku karam etc and these spicy powders are eaten with steamingly hot rice topped with ghee to keep the taste budes intact.
The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is is a gourmet's delight truly.
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