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Cakey Choco Fruity Balls

I am confused regarding what should be my blog post today. I made Chilly Paneer for lunch and made chocolate balls for sweet. I din't blog about both the recipes and the confusion owes to recipes in drafts versus the ones prepared today. I am yet to post Chilli Paneer, Veg Pulao, Bread Upma, Masala Dosa etc n etc. So guys be hooked and not miss a post.
I realized that I haven't blogged about chocolate recipe for a while and the one I am presenting is a no bake choco cake balls. I just prepared it sometime back and still have that pleasant smell all over my hand and emanating from kitchen.
So here goes my easy to prepare and no bake Cakey Choco Balls... Its just a name that I gave, to sound out of the box for thinking. Used left over fruit bread and chocolates which were laying in my pantry to give a different twist using fruit biscuits. This will surely be a hit .
Lets go to the recipe and let me know how does this so called innovation sounds, looks and tastes(after trying) :-p

 photo ONE_zpse0777848.jpg
You need
Fruit bread-   1/2 bowl crumbled.
Chocolates - 1/4th cup melted (I used 2 Nestle Milk Chocolate and 3 Toblerone bars )
Britannia Cracker biscuit/ Marie Biscuit- 1 Crushed
Fruit Biscuit -1 Crushed
Butter- 2-3 drops
Nuts- Handful (roasted)
Muesli/ cornflakes - for garnishing and rolling.

 photo 030-1_zps40dae69f.jpg

Take a bowl and combine fruit bread powder, butter, nuts and crushed biscuit powder. Mix all the ingredients well. You can microwave the chocolates for 2-3 minutes or just melt them on stove 1-2 mins on medium flame. Pour the chocolate syrup into the above mixture and combine. Add sugar if required. Grease your palms with butter and shape the mixture into any shape you desire.  Roll the balls into Crushed cornflakes or muesli mixture and allow them to set at room temperature for 1 hour. Once set, transfer the contents into a air tight container.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd7986d1d.jpg

My Notes:1) Add sugar if required.  It was too sweet when I have added chocolate syrup to the bread crumbs without adding crackers biscuit. To neutralize that too much of sweetness, I have simple cracker biscuit and it turned out yum and perfect.
2) Coming to chocolates - I had some 2-3 small coin sized home made chocolates which were given as holi gifts. I used them along with Nestle small sized Milk chocolate and 2 toblerone chocolates which are of finger length. So accordingly adjust the chocolates. You do not require too much of chocolate. Its just to bind and get the flavor and that gooeeeeeeeyness that we long for.
3) Taste- Initially too sweet and couldn't manage the sweetness. Balanced it with nuts and plain biscuits. Do not use salt biscuits.

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  1. very nice...
    Thanks for linking with my event “Foodabulous Fest –April Month Series”

  2. watched dis kind of balls in news paper.but didnt expalined well.urs luks so Yummy n mouthwatering!!

  3. Love those cute balls

  4. easy to make fruit balls,sounds yummy too

  5. So delicious and creative,Chaitra! :)

  6. I seldom bake because we don't fancy desserts. So I probably post a dessert, maybe once a month. I am trilled to see your no bake choc recipe. All the more I am always looking out for such simple recipes yet with a wonderful outcome.

    This is a like simple but perfected with lovely ingredient for a lovely outcome. Keeping for my next round when I have guest at home.

  7. luks yumm, Chaitra. quick too. first time here.noce blog.

  8. Hi Chaitra...
    New to your blog, glad to follow you :)
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  9. Wow! These look amazing! Definitely going to have to make these soon.. My son will totally love them ... I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  10. Very very yummy dear... thanks for participating on my event....

  11. these look absolutely amazing... :)

  12. these look absolutely amazing... :)

  13. these look absolutely amazing... :)


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