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Double Margherita @ Midnight with a Panda.

What???? I don't see any relevance to the heading and it is all odd pair combo that I wrote out of my mind.  Some experiences are good to remember and will remain with you especially when you are badly in need-----So is this one.

Well you will get the sync by giving your brain a run. Late night cravings and irregular shift timings have been part of my life for the past 3 years and every now and then my body alarm takes sometime adjusting to the nocturnal requirements. Last week,my team mates sat robotically working seriously on their laptops and none of us din't bother to take a minute to breath out for food or tea.
Then we realized that we had still 6 more hours to go....we went down to see that our cafeteria ditched us leaving us without any option except to crib and find out alternates......

Cling...Cling.... Tik...Tik.... Laptop sounds....... Yippie we have a Panda...... My old buddy~The food Panda.. who snuggled me out last time without greasing my hands with lavish spread inviting me.

Most of the restaurants are closed by 11:00 PM and as city starts to pull its night blanket in chilly weather...getting yourself almost nothing,I remembered Panda as we needed desperately to eat something.

I started browsing Food Panda website. Let me tell you all that every time I visit this site... I have something new tantalizing my taste buds along with exciting discounts without aching my pocket and also leaves me as a happy camper smiling broadly. For me discounts woo me so much that they leave me an option to go pamper myself again. Its a simple strategy.  With the same amount... You can enjoy two different meals ...two different times.
Settling for Pizzas....this yummy and hunger satiating Panda was so good that it was showing me the restaurants which were open after 11:00 PM. I really appreciate this point because if you keep choosing your menu and then you find that your restaurant is closed for the day....ah.....fuel to your hunger....

My selection was easy and the Panda was my buddy to help me out what our 5 hunger stricken and stress ridden homo sapiens wanted and our pizza was delivered piping hot and we got great discount too on our existing order and one more in our bag to save ourselves next time.  So we had Double Margherita Pizza at around 12:45 early morning with Food Panda....Now did you get what I was referring to on my header..... :)

Thank you Panda

I would surely vouch for this Panda and it is always at rescue and this time we had 5 more people joining the Food Panda club from my team who are totally in love. You will truly love it.. The chat feature helps you understand their concept and how it works apart from ordering food of your choice.

Exciting Offers+Exquisite Menu+Lovely Team =Food Panda Team.

My Rating:
Ease to navigate website - 4.5/5
Menu options : 4.5/5
Pricing options and discounts: Simply Awesome. I really love this.
Chat Service- 5/5
Availability- 3/5
I would really appreciate if this service expands its boundaries.

You can check out their website along with elaborate menu display tantalizing the taste buds at and also download their mobile application by visiting
Cheers to team Food Panda.

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