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Baby Corn Salt N Pepper~ Stepwise

Ahhaaa...I felt terrible when I found that I lost more than 100 pics of my recipes. I made sure that I uploaded them to my google drive but something went wrong and I lost my pics along with important data. Initially I thought of posting my recent experiment - Veg Dahiwali spiced with Coriander powder and I cooly went ahead and updated my page's FB status as well and now I repent...why did i choose you Google Drive when I had many options to safeguard my information. I searched all my folders on my mobile phone and found this one recipe pics and it lit my spirits. I took these pics almost 2 months back but still I thought of posting as they aren't that bad ... ;-P
Coming back to the recipe, I made this on a day when my heart demanded something crispy and spicy. Initially I thought of Onion Pakoda, then cheese balls and so on. But I got bored of them and wanted something new. In quest, I remembered having this recipe in one of the restaurants near my place. Me and Mr.P instantly fell in love with the dish but still i managed to gobble the major portion. Mine was close to restaurant style but not the same as I omitted Ajino moto.
Here you go with the recipe.

Baby Corn Salt N Pepper
 photo Pic1_zps5d3bab5c.jpg
Ingredients (Also refer to Chef Says at the bottom of the post)
Baby corns- 10
Corn Flour- 2 tbsps
Salt- as per taste
All Purpose Flour/Maida- 1 tbsp
Green Chilli- 1 finely chopped
Garlic-2 cloves sliced
Onion- 1 small chopped finely
Capsicum- 1 small chopped finely
Soya Sauce- 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli Sauce - 1 tbsp
Tomato Sauce- 2 tbsps  (optional but recommended)
Pepper - 1/2  tsp + for sprinkling
Oil- for frying and 2 tbsps for sauce.
Ginger- 1/4th tsp julienned

 photo Ribbetcollage_zps809bc76d.jpg

Boil baby corns in water and press them gently with both the hands to remove excess water. Make batter  by adding water, corn flour, salt, pepper and maida. Consistency of the batter should not be too thick or too thin. Baby corn's should be able to hold the batter around them. Dip each baby corn in the batter and coat them on all the sides well.  Heat oil in a frying pan and golden fry baby corns in it. Transfer fried baby corn's onto a kitchen napkin to squeeze excess oil.

 photo image_zps4982540e.jpg

In the same pan, remove the remaining oil and just have about 2 tbsps in it. Fry Garlic and ginger till the raw smell subsides. Add Onions and Capsicum together and adjust your flame to high. On high flame, toss onions and capsicum which retains their crunch. Add salt along with the sauces. Combine all the ingredients well. To this mixture add fried baby corns. Give a gentle swirl to all the ingredients to ensure even mixing. While you are doing so your flame is still on high mode. Sprinkle pepper on top and serve.

Chef Says:
I added chilly flakes and carrots in mine though the original recipe doesn't call for the same.
1) Instead of pepper you can use Chat Masala which gives an Indian twist.
2) In the batter, feel free to use spice powders like garam masala, chilli powder etc
3) Serve warm which is really important. I packed them in my lunch dabba and I found my baby corn's rubbery.

That's it let me know your thoughts if you have tried it or let me know how your version is like..

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  1. oh dear!!! :( i hope somehow u find those pics... i know how heartbreaking it is! i once lost my pen drive which never appeared again, thankfully i had not deleted the pics from my camera, so i saved it all again! this baby corn looks absolutely delicious...

  2. Thats a beautiful baby corn dish.I would have freaked if i lost pics.Its so disappointing to know you don't have pics for the blog.

  3. Makes me hungry,highly irresistible.

  4. i know ur pain .one time i deleted my post but my pics were in safer place so i redid all of them again.But dont loose hope .by the way baby corn looks fabulous chaitra


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