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Coconut Spice Powder~ Kobbari Karam

Spice powders come in as blessings when you are in no mood to cook or do not have any vegetables. They taste heavenly with steaming hot rice and a dollop of ghee. One such keeper is this recipe. I am not a big fan of coconut and at home my mom keeps usage of coconut in her dishes to minimal. Be it my disliking or its minimal usage, coconut based recipes couldn't make much way into my taste buds. Our neighbor Bindu Aunty shares many traditional recipes in her kitty as she hails from a village. I can't stop appreciating her spice powders, pickles and biryanis. She can make biryani out of anything ...). So one day, she gave my mom this coconut powder and my mom din't bother to let us know because of me and my sis's disliking. My sis picked it up from the kitchen and placed it on our dining table. So on a boring day (boring day is when you do not have anything that interests you on your lunch menu) and when we din't feel like eating, my sis mixed it with a dollop of ghee . She found it heavenly and suggested me to try. I did.... and I am in love with this spice powder and this makes way onto my idly plate, dosa plate and my rice as well.  So try this out if you are not a big coconut lover like me... I am sure you will love it.
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Coconut Spice Powder- Kobbari Karam

Grated dry coconut-1 cup (Kopra)
Roasted gram-1/2 cup (Gulla senagapappu/Bhuna channadal)
Dry Red Chillies - 7-8 (increase or decrease based on the spicyness)
Curry Leaves- 2 stems (12-15 leaves)
Garlic-3-4 pods
Sugar-one pinch
Jeera-1/2 tsp
Salt-as per taste

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Dry roast dry red chillies and curry leaves until they are crisp. Make sure that dry red chillies do not change their color. Allow it to cool. Now grind all the ingredients into a coarse powder. Adjust salt if required. Store in an air tight jar.

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Chef Says-
You can opt out roasted gram. But I would recommend it as it gives nice texture to your spice powder.
You can even dry roast garlic pods for about 30-40 secs and it gives nice flavor to the spice powder. I will surely try this and let you know.
Instead of dry red chillies, red chilly powder can be used. Use 1-2 tsps and increase if you can manage the heat.

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