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Filter Coffee or Kaapi

This post came up live much before its number. I have Sambar powder/ Mango Verrines/ Dal fry etc in queue but not sure why this made up to the posting. Without much debating with myself, I gave in because I felt that my senses were rejuvenated with my mom's strong coffee. Hyderabad made me Hyderabadi where I started loving Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits much more than coffee though I hail from a family who are strong coffee lovers, somewhere down the lane I missed the thread. After 6 months, I felt how badly I neglected coffee the moment coffee aroma reached my nostrils.  I love to spoon the frothy layer, so my mom serves my coffee with spoon. I clicked these pictures almost instantly on my table napkin at night. Will replace them soon.

Here's my mom's special filter coffee post.

 photo 017_zps262f26a9.jpg

South Indian Filter Kaapi or Coffee
For Decotion 
Coffee Powder -3 spoons  (My coffee blend has Coffee -60% and Chicory- 40%)
Water - 1 cup

For Coffee:

Milk - 1 cup
Sugar- 1 -2 tsps
Decotion - 1/4th cup (adjust as per your requirement)

 photo 016_zps307b9c24.jpg


Take a sauce pan and bring water to rolling boil. Switch off the flame and add coffee powder to it. Give a gentle stir. Allow it to sit. After 20 mins, you can see that coffee powder settles down as sediment and you have clear decotion water on the top.
Boil milk and keep your coffee mugs ready. Add sugar and decotion to your coffee mug. Slowly add milk to this mixture. Adjust sugar or decotion if required.

Enjoy the aroma and Sip Happiness!!

 photo 019_zpsd611f2e5.jpg

Chef Says:
1) You can use filter coffee container, my house has been devoid of this container and my mom uses her sauce pan which equally does a good job.
2) Decotion can be stored in fridge but the strongness decreases as days progress.
3) Decotion be refrigerated for 2 days.
4) If you are worried about the sediments getting collected in your coffee mug or your coffee turning muddy, make sure you strain this decotion mixture twice before use. If you are using container, then this risk is minimized.
5) My mom gets her coffee powder blended from her regular cafe coffee day Priya vendor. For us 60-40 ratio works, but you can use any filter coffee brand and most contain 70-30 ratio.

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  1. Yep very true... Coffee is true happiness for my hubby in the morning.

  2. filter coffee super! nice clicks..

  3. a huge filter coffee lover but nvr get mine right, will follow ur post soon.

  4. The aroma that the filter coffee brings to our house is fabulous...thanks for sharing...what kind of coffee powder did u use???

  5. Love the aroma of filter coffee..thanks for sharing it

  6. love the aroma of filter coffee..invitng clicks...

  7. Hello Chaitra,

    Looking at hot coffee I can feel how aromatic that beverage will be. Mindblowing dear.

    I am for the first time here.Your blog has wonderful recipes. And this kurma is just mouthwatering...
    I am here for the first time and happy to follow your blog "Aathidhyam"

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