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My Hunger Tales- Random Ramblings

Knock Knock.....

My mom opens the door with a warm smile. It lightens me and I quickly exchange a sigh and then crash on the sofa. My mom gets me a cuppa of South Indian Filter coffee. I take a sip and I feel my senses getting recharged. She gets me piping hot soft idlies which I dunk in sambar and let a burp.. Oops. That was loud.


By this time, she'd set my bed and asks me to go ahead and sleep because she thinks that night shifts are too harsh on my body. My pup juju who sleeps under my cot wakes up and wants to play with me real bad. It keeps pulling my tshirt or pant till I get up and my mom takes it to our living room and ties it there. So that I am not disturbed.


Fast Forward....Fast Forward 3 years now.

No more those more warm coffee piping hot idlies..... Life isn't that smooth as it sounds to be. It feels good to be independent but to stay away from parents is a tearing feeling. Food is the last that things comes to your mind. When you have to cook for yourself everyday, you do not feel good about it. May be that's the reason why my food blog which once was flooded with recipes is now dormant just like me. Like a dry spell cast, I do not feel motivated to cook.. Not that I am lazy. When you work for 14 hours a day and you are in back to back meetings or calls from Monday to Friday, the last thing that comes to your mind is food. Mostly I quickly nibble some junk so that I don't fall unconscious somewhere. There have been times wherein the food I cooked was just good to be trashed as I messed on something really basic or the day I actually took so much time to prepare just right and I don't get time to eat.


I was in the verge of turning a zombie with these haphazard eating habits and endless cups of tea made me look slightly older than my age. That struck me bad. Should I say that?
On my facebook page, I had this friend of mine who spoke about online food ordering apps. Well I don't say I am cut off with the world but just that I do not get time to even watch a 30 mins quick news recap. I would rather prefer to sleep that extra 30 mins over watching news :P


So they were too many listed like Food Panda, tinyowl, eatz, Faasos etc. Tiny Owl name fascinated me and I quickly google searched what exactly is its concept and how it works. Though I was interested, my day schedule backed me off.

Current. It is 9:58 PM Sunday night and I am sitting here...typing this blog post as a quick breather while I have been working for more than 6 hours now and I am sure I will get promoted. But before I get promoted, I can get promoted from healthy to sick (y)... Unfortunately, I forgot to cook and I am too tired even cook Maggi (oopps... scratch it....It isn't a option anymore). I remember tinyowl and thought its worth a try. I quickly downloaded the app.

It's a simple, no mess and user friendly app. I like its layout and the cutsie owl logo.
It asked me to enable my GPS, once done it showed me restaurants near my area. I quickly selected Punjabi restaurant near my place and the menu had details showing what they got to offer. That was such a breeze. No interruption.


Yippie, I just paid and guess what I even got discount and that makes me more happy and gives me another reason to try Tinyowl again. Sometimes, you order and have to wait hours for your food to be delivered. But the coolest reason here is you know when it is expected and your app even shows the clock ticking - that's the remaining time left for you to expect your order

After 40 Mins....
My food waits for me... Sorry I can't type anymore... I am a hungry wolf here and Tinyowl you are a hunger savior.

Need I say more that Tiny owl finds its space on my mobile.

Tiny Owl is India's Coolest food ordering app.... If you want to download it...check the below:

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