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The Simmering Wok is my virtual space where I'd love to share random ramblings, my cooking experiments, my memories woven around food. So you find a wee bit of everything that I'd call home.
What started randomly in 2009 as a time killing hobby turned out to be therapeutic and most importantly what I'd resonate myself with. 

This blog helped me evolve as a better cook and taught me how to comfortably sell disaster dishes to my husband without a hint of doubt :)
Well in all honesty - I do that at times when i just dish up something so random that tastes decent but I am in a fix as to how do I sell it to my husband.

I have had several upgrades with my . I remember capturing my recipes with a  2.5 MP camera initially for my blog (That was what all I had), so you may see some low quality or hazy pictures as you browse through 2009 collection. Subsequently, I have upgraded mine to 5 MP followed by 13 MP. 

I own a DSLR now but I still need to learn the tricks and techniques.

So grab a cup of coffee and read my blog.

Do take a minute and let me know what you feel about my blog or recipes documented here, it cheers me :).

Previously The Simmering Wok was known as Aathidhyam under my pen name Chaitra.

Get on board, let's cook and click.

Much Love

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19 Rechargers:

  1. hai chaithra...
    Welcome to the world of blogging...2day i was going throgh your recent post...When i knew that you are also a fresher like me thought of going through each recipe and post comment..especially for the first ones..i knw u r happy now..rock on chai..and all the best..i will be a regular viewer... :)

  2. Hi Chaitra,

    First time visiting your blog. Very nice blog name. Emi radu annaru lay out manchiga petteru everything simple and clean, only photos ni konchem clearer cheyandi chalu. Very good blog, happy cooking!


  3. Great blog..and thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Welcome Aboard...i know i am few months late for welcoming u in blogosphere, but as the cliche goes...better late than never...
    I loved the layout of your blog, and hey mitochondria and all that?? so does it means u are studying microbiology?I had done my Graduation with Microbiology as Major and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed(not gained much that subject...much much more than chemistry or physics and not to forget Maths
    Anyways will lurk around for a while and come back again for some more Read here...Till then take care, and keep cooking :-)

  5. Thank you Alka for your wonderful comments.
    I am a Biotechnology student.

  6. Your recipes are delicious and are a welcome addition to my Indian repertoire.
    Thanks for posting them.

  7. Hi Chaitra this is saru

    First time visiting your blog, ne blog chala bagundhi keep it up

  8. Chaitra, Greetings.

    Just noted that you use LinkWithin as well. And here is some unsolicited advise. :)

    We (me and Sudeshna) use it in our blog too and had an amzing experience with it. But have you noted that it shows 3 thumbnails and doesn't cover the entire available space.

    We faced similar situation and shot an email to requesting that it should show 5 thumbnails. And guess what? From the very next day, it started showing 5. You can do the same if you want.


  9. Hi Chaitra,

    Awesome effort from your side, Your site is delicious


  10. Hallo chaitra,.
    By the way iam kanthi,also known as lakshmi rao in art field, and orkut. 2 days back for the first time i visited your blog.Abig collection of exotic flavours and delicious dishes.Do visit my blog when u are free.

  11. Hi

    lovely site and mouth watering dishes. best of luck!!!

  12. I am first time visiting your blog. Really cool name and I like your blog template and your presentation.. :)

  13. Hi Chaitra,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Loved your blog too. Happy to follow you back. Please follow me too if you like my blog.


  14. Thanks for stopping by my page Chaitra:) You have a lovely space too:)

  15. Hi chaitra...glad to know you better..happy to follow your lovely blog, will be happy if you do the same...thanks
    Divya Shivaraman

  16. Hi Chaitra,

    You are Brilliant, Awesome, Terrific…The next Indian Master Chef in making. Never heard of food blogger before until I visited your beautifully designed site Aathidhyam (Wow!!! what a name Maa Aathidhyam sweekarinchandi). You cooked all this stuff? Bravo! Take a bow. I learnt cooking from my 5 star hotel house mate chef back in England but not as good as you :) I was drooling after looking at the pictures of those delicious dishes especially Paneer cream curry,Paneer Tikka Masala, Rajma Masala and Carrot Halwa. If tasted I am sure it would have satisfied my vaiswanara (God of Digestion). Please try some dishes with green leafy vegetables especially with palakura and shakambari devi prasadam, Andhra Shakam (Gongura) people totally forgot that they even exists.

    You rock!!!



  17. can i know what aathidhyam means


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