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My aunt sent me this wonderful recipe along with this cute photo.I am not much aware of Focaccia bread.But for more info you can click here
My comments-As i said i am not aware of Focaccia bread but one thing i can say that it looks very Tempting and colorful. Aunty i await ur visit to India!!
Focaccia bread-1 loaf
Marinade for vegetables-
Olive oil-3/4 th cup
Onion-1/2 cup minced
Lemon juice-as required
Dijon mustard-1 tbsp
Fresh Basil leaves-2 tbsps
For Filling-
Zucchini-2 cups thinly sliced
Yellow squash-2 cups thinly sliced
Red bell pepper-2 cups (cut into 2 X 2 pieces)
Green bell pepper-2 cups (cut into 2 X 2 pieces)
Tomato roundels-12 thinly sliced
In a bowl mix olive oil, onions, lemon juice, spices and mustard with a wire whip until thoroughly blended.Brush zucchini, yellow squash, red n green peppers and tomatoes with marinade and let them stand for 2-3 mins. Grill each item (except tomatoes) for 1 min on each side, keeping each vegetable separate and keep tomatoes cool. Cut focaccia bread into 3 horizontal slices, similar t a layer cake.Toast on grill for 30 secs and brush inner surfaces with marinade, now place red peppers, green peppers and tomatoes on bottom slice and cover with center slice of bread.Top with zucchini,yellow squash and cover with top slice of bread.
Colourful Focaccia bread sandwich is awaiting for you!!
Try n let me know.
Sending this bread to FIC Red N Green hosted by Neha and Sunshine mom
Sending this to 15 Mins Event hosted by Mahimaa

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  1. Hai Chaitra!!
    Great entry.Looks very tasty and colourful.

  2. Hi Chaitra, ur blog looks lovely n i simply loved ur enthu for blogging n events.. :), Thanx for ur entry...

  3. I love Foccasia. The herby smell of the bread is just awesome! :) Good effort here, keep it coming :)

  4. I love focaccia and your sandwich sounds delicious.

  5. Hi Chaitra, Sandwich looks delicious. THanks for visiting my blog. I added u in my blogroll. Add me in ur blogroll :) Keep visiting & keep bloggging

  6. Chaitra, First time here, your sandwich picture drew me here from fic red/green..looks so very delicious..will I find focassia bread here in US, sorry but never heard of it.

  7. woww...this is wonderful...nice snap...reduce flash light from next time onwards...ur recipe is bookmarked.. :)

  8. I found a history of Focaccia Bread. It's a member of a family of common Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flat breads. I had know idea it had so many uses and was so good for you. I included the link.


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