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Milk-1 ltr
Sugar-as required
Vemicelli-1 cup (should be roasted in ghee)
Horlicks/bournvita-2-3 big spoons (should be mixed with milk)
Dry fruits-1/4th cup (should be roasted in ghee)
Almonds n Cashew- 8-9 (each, should be soaked in water)
You are almost ready just you need to add these ingredients according to your convenience and Yummy kheer is in front of you. First boil milk and allow it to become half.To this add sugar and stir till it dissolves.Now add horlicks mix(horlicks and milk, i suggest go for Horlicks).Meanwhile grind cashew and almonds into paste and add it to boiling milk.Finally add Vermicelli,roasted nuts to milk and allow it to boil till you get the required consistency.Then transfer this mixture into serving bowl and serve.
Serving tips-Tastes best when served hot.
I am sending this Special Kheer to Sri valli's Mithai Mela Event. Also i would like to Congratulate her on her blog's 2nd Anniversary. Sri Valli Keep up the good work!!

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  1. i have not added horlicks in any of kher...its a lovely thought.. :)


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