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Material Matters: Three Reasons why it May be Worth it to Splurge on High-End Cookware

In these economic times, we’re seeing a lot of consumers tighten their belts when it comes to their kitchen, opting for less expensive kitchen accessories over what works best for their cooking and food serving needs. This might work well for some things, but if you plan on being a serious kitchen chef you might want to think differently when it comes to some items, particularly ones that you are planning to use for a long time. Cookware sets come to mind as a great example. When you buy pots and pans, you are planning on using continuously for years on end so it is a pretty huge investment. Here are three factors to consider when shopping, and why the more expensive materials (such as copper and cast iron) are better than low-end alternatives.
Heat Conductivity
Heat distribution can make a huge difference in the outcome of any cooking process, especially when you are slow cooking, and so the ability to heat ingredients evenly and thoroughly varies greatly depending on the material being used.
Copper cookware is renowned for its ability to retain and distribute heat, which is why it is the preferred material to cook with among professional chefs. Cast iron also has excellent retention and distributive characteristics, although it does take longer to heat up. Conversely, steel and glass cookware are both extremely poor when it comes to heating food.
Cookware material matters when it comes to health too. Cooking with acidic items can cause leaching to occur, a process in which trace materials find their way into what is being cooked. So it is important to know exactly what material might make its way into your system and whether it is harmful or not.

Consumers love the idea of purchasing non-stick pots and pans, as it makes cleanup a lot easier. But the most common types of nonstick cookware use aluminum with a Teflon coating, which according to a recent report might be carcinogenic (although the EPA has not confirmed this as of yet). This is causing consumers lately to look for other alternatives, such as anodized aluminum, which creates a nonstick surface without using Teflon.

Iron is non-toxic and in fact beneficial for your immune system, so any leaching that occurs with cast-iron cookware is bound to help, not hurt, your body. Copper on the other hand can, as it causes short-term sickness when exposed to the digestive system in sufficient quantities. However, nowadays most copper cookware is surface layered with tin or stainless steel, rendering it safe for human use.

We mentioned in the first paragraph that a cookware set is an investment that is expected to last through years of continuous use. This is why more expensive materials may be more cost-effective over the course of the years. The least expensive materials for cookware, namely enamels, glass, and aluminum, are also the least durable. The former two are prone to chipping and fracturing while aluminum tends to warp easily over the long-run. Stainless steel and enameled cast-iron on the other hand are by far the most durable materials and can last for years, or even decades.
This is the main reason why more expensive materials are worth it. The two most expensive materials, coated copper and cast-iron, are the only two that heat well and are durable without any adverse health effects. By opting for less expensive materials, you have to make a trade-off in one or more of these areas, so make sure to take that into consideration when you find yourself shopping for new cookware. Sometimes, the sets that cost more pay off more in the long run by enabling you to cook and eat better for years to come.
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