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Firstly,let me wish all my Readers, friends and critics A very Happy New Year.
Yippieee after 2 years i am logged in to post a recipe and still alive with people sharing their thoughts on my recipes.  Thank you all for everything  and Aathidyam is on air once again to play with taste buds and feature simple yet tongue tickling varieties.
Coming back to Vegan salad..


Its a healthy Quick fix and you can prepare it in 2 minutes once you have all the veggies in place.

Carrots - 2 Medium Sized
Sprouts- 1 packet (I bought Green Gram sprouts from local vendor)
Capsicum - 1 Big
Onions -2 Small
Green Chilly -1
Pickle oil- 3-4 tbsps
Salt- as per taste
Chilly powder- 2 tsps
Garam masala- 1 tsp (optional)
Sugar- one pinch



Chop carrots, capsicum, onions and green chilly finely. Assemble all these veggies in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well and leave it for 10 minutes. So that the juices mix well and give you a juicy salad.
You might be confused as to what is Pickle oil. It is the left over oil in you achaar ka dabba. I've used oil from Mango Pickle. If you do not have this Pickle oil, you can use Olive oil.
Serve it Crispies.
I used Soya Bean Crispies to add twist..  Do pour in with your comments and send me your love. See you soon...

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