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Cook N Share What You Like Event & Giveaway

Here we go with the special event to end this year on a Celebrative note. Before we get into the details....I would like to thank all the readers for making 2013 a special year for me. I remember leaving my blog unattended for almost 2 years and when I got back...I still see my blog respiring with its viewers and adding readers allowing it to breathe. I took it to myself to blog and I have been blogging from then on. When I introduce blogging passion took a back seat to be mentioned. But in 2013, I did mention it and my passion was appreciated by my interviewers and got me a job in Deloitte.  It certainly played a pivotal role when I was asked what differentiates me from others during my Interview. From then on I hit the road even harder...I got recognized...won several contests...did many reviews and got my love from around the world. How can I just say a mere thanks to all... So let me celebrate it with you and let you know that you mean a lot to me and so does my blog.

Get geared for the Event ~ Cook N Share What You Like 4

Just read understand...

What to do or Cook?
 It is very simple. You can cook and share your favorite dish. Be it starter, soup, main course, desserts or even a simple milkshake. It can be anything. No time specific ingredient to use.. Just cook what you feel like and share it.

This event is in association with who will be giving away Rs.500 gift voucher to the winner. Thank you so much JustEat.You also have another  exciting gift apart from the voucher. Another blogger would stand chance to win Sanjeev Kapoor's Gift hamper from my end. It will be a combination of recipe books and spices/ready to cook mix or pickle mixes. Here I will be giving total liberty to the winner to choose spices or book of his or her choice. Isn't that exciting and inviting you?

How to do?
Just scroll down and you will see the linky tool. Enter the details it asks and you are good to go... So no rocket science here. It is real easy.

Minute Details-
Just voucher will be given to bloggers from Hyderabad,Bangalore, Gurgoan, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.
Hamper from my end is open to all Indian bloggers. Even bloggers outside India can participate but they would need to help me with Indian address to send in their hamper.

Bloggers as well as non bloggers can participate in this exciting giveaway. Non bloggers would need to help me
No limit on the number of entries you can send in. Archiving posts are accepted.

That's it?
Just like my blog on Facebook and follow it on Google plus.
It would be really nice if you can mention the logo and about the event on your blog or on the post that you have sent. I will surely count that in for those who have done.
After that just leave me a comment with the email ID or ID's which you have used to like and  follow.
Non bloggers you can drop in a mail with a pic of your recipe. Please make sure that you just use Link tool to update your name and location details. You can leave the URL blank or else just use
You are good to go with it.

Shoot me a mail to or use the contact form.

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Choco chip N Oats Cookies

Christmas......brings those innate memories deep inside. I love the festive mood that Christmas brings...the season of fun,joy and happiness. Brings in about strong urge for baked goodies and other delicacies. I still do not understand the reason why we end up making some savory or sweet dishes for most festivals and yet Christmas has its own way and stands apart with baked goodies and chocolates etc.
My chocolate making craze is touching its peaks and I am loving the flavor that emanates each time I melt chocolate. My friends have been dragging me into chocolate making and my latest experiment was with rum n raisins which turned out to be super hit while I anticipated it not to be. I ended up using real rum soaked fruits and little rum instead of using rum essence. The recipe will be posted soon.
So getting back to the recipe which reads on my post header. This is a simple no mess and easy to make recipe which was handed over to me by my friend. Its a sure shot win if you are a beginner just like me at baking. Secondly my blog has been deprived yummy baked goods for quite a long and now I pull myself to do something like this.

 photo 082_zpsa1d71205.jpg

All Purpose Flour or whole wheat flour- 1 cup
Powdered Sugar - 6 tbsps
Choco Chips - 1/4th cup
Unsalted Butter- 1/2 cup at room temperature
Baking Soda- 1/4th tsp
Baking Powder- 1/4th tsp
Oats powder- 2 tbsps
Milk -2 tbsps
Vanilla Essence-1/2 tsp
 photo 095_zpsb15c2235.jpg
Take a bowl and sieve the dry ingredients like Flour,baking soda,baking powder, cocoa powder(if using) and oats powder. Keep it aside. Preheat your oven to 175 C. In another bowl, cream butter and powdered sugar with the help of a whisk until softened and add vanilla essence and chocolate chips to it. Now add the sieved dry ingredients to this butter mixture. Combine all the ingredients well to make it soft pliable dough with the help of milk. Divide this mixture into equal parts. Shape these balls into cookies by flattening them on a baking tray lined with butter paper and place the cookies at a distance from each other. Bake these cookies for about 15 to 20 mins for chewy ones and 20-25 mins for crisp cookies. Once done, cool them and store in a air tight container. Here you go with Yummy, crispy and light cookies.
 photo niceone_zps3572794b.jpg
My Notes:
Baking time depends on your oven type, so keep an eye once the cookies turn golden brown in color and this usually happens after 15 mins.
I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. But you can use half a cup of all purpose and half a cup of whole wheat flour.
I do not like intense sweet cookies. So reduced the sugar amounts. But if you have a big sweet tooth. Please feel free.

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Eggless Chocolate Mug Pudding

I was feeling like cooking what was on my mind yesterday... I was in full swing to pamper myself on a lazy sunday.... People around me were covering themselves with blankets and were indulging in something piping hot food like soups....snacks etc....and I wanted to eat a pudding and that to a chocolate one with nuts... I browsed many websites but couldn't find one which could be made in a jiffy with readily available ingredients. After huffing puffing for a while without any luck.... I remembered a recipe which I read in one of the blogs... I wish I could remember the author as well...I went reconstructing the bits and pieces of my vague remembrance..and then comes my pudding out of scratch~ Chocolate Mug Pudding. This heavenly pudding was sinful.
Hey also look at my site layout and let me know how it is.... I struggled one whole day to make it look this way... Still the work is in progress... You will get to see more.

Come let's indulge in this no bake and easy to make Pudding.

 photo 258_zps8eae9c59.jpg

Custard Powder- 3 tbsps
Milk Chocolate Pieces - 2 tbsps
Fruit Cake- 2 slices crumbled
Cocoa Powder- 2 tbsps
Sugar- 4-5 tbsps
Vanilla essence- 1/4 tsp
Milk - 2 cups
Butterscotch nuts and colorful sprinkles or chocolate shavings for decoration.
Chopped nuts- 2 tbsps
 photo 261_zps15a4b0e0.jpg
Take a bowl and add custard powder, cocoa powder and sugar.Mix all the ingredients well and then add 1 cup of milk.  Whisk this mixture well to get semi solid consistency. Take a heat proof bowl and add milk chocolate pieces and melt it using double boiler method.
Take a mug and layer it with crumbled fruit bread. Top it with a layer of chopped nuts and keep it ready.
Now heat 1 cup of milk in a sauce pan and add cocoa-custard milk mixture and keep stirring this mixture and avoid lumps. Add vanilla essence
 photo dwwadwadwa_zpsc57f743f.jpg
You have got to be super quick to break the lumps as this mixture settles down and gives you a run. Once the mixture is thick(5-6) mins or less. Off the flame and transfer this sauce to your mug.

Garnish with butterscotch nuts and colorful sprinkles. Refrigerate for an hour.

My Notes:
1) Alternatively you can use Corn Flour instead of custard powder.
2) For crunch and that nutty texture- You can add 1 tbsp of Cocoa powder and 1tbsp of any Malt based energy drink like Bournvita or Boost
3)  You can use whipping cream and flavor it with chocolate and the creativity can go endless. I saw a basic one... adding bread was out of my head.

Relish Happiness

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Shop Karo...Loot Lo Aur Cash Karo.....

Hey All,

I am back.... Don't be surprised with my frequent posting which is quite not so happening on my part.  That's okay.... I just wanted to share some exciting news with you, so I am here typing you something from my living room instead of kitchen...:)
Shop Karo...Loot Lo Aur Cash Karo.....Interesting right... Most of us love shopping... I can see some of you smiling broadly and thinking what do you have on your shopping list next..... I am little on the midway when you say shopping...because I don't indulge in shopping much but when I go out... I make sure I make a loot....According to the recent house cleaning activity census....I found that I have 14 pairs of sandals and 8 branded watches(Please don't ask me how many are there in my wardrobe) which I keep on rotating everyday...
I buy most of my stuff online. If a watch comes with exciting offer along with cash back...I am all gaga over the same and you will see me robotically clicking make payment option.... Most of the times when you are on a online shopping get pop ups like
"Click me....I am hungry for discounts"
"Scratch and claim your discount"
This list goes on with coupons and tags... but when you are buyinga discounted cannot avail the coupon you have claimed or any other money back deals... But I found something really interesting wherein you can get the discount as well as cash back.

Yippie that sounds exciting and I am totally game for it... Is it what that I hear from you?????

Yes.... I was asked to check out I jumped in right away to find out what the website is all about it? Its it works and the payment methods.
The moment you log in to Cashkaro... you will see that it is a well designed and easy to navigate page with so many exciting options whooing from shopping to travel....from restaurants to movies.... Cashkaro is partnered with more than 350 brands like like Snapdeal, Myntra, Dominos, Firstcry, Yatra, Paytm, Redbus, Foodpanda & more. This team is on a mission to provide its users exciting offers as well as happy cashbacks.

Exciting Movie offers---I am using this to watch the much awaited movie of this season- Dhoom3

All you need to do is....go ahead and create an account which is done in about 2 and 1/2 minutes and confirm your registration. Post which go ahead to the website and click on the offer that excites you....
Once you do so... you will have a coupon code which comes onto your screen or you will have a specialized link which takes you to their partner website and you know the rest to do.

                            Planning a short trip or vaction.......Cash Karo........Enjoy Karo

I have been eyeing for a camera for quite sometime now....I am just managing my blog pics with my Sony Xperia mobile(No complaints...they are of great quality because of its high end pixel camera)....when I chanced on Cashkaro which offers deals on should guess what am I upto.... I am going to buy a mind is still hovering around Nikon L320 or Nikon L820 so that is the reason why I wrote...I am going to..

When you compare the deals provided by Cashkaro with their affiliates you will see that the prices are slashed and lower than most of the websites.

I would recommend CashKaro for all my readers as well as friends as you will reap benefits and enjoy your shopping experience.This festive season and new year you can surely go ahead and shower your near and dear with nice gifts and also get cash backs... Yay.... I will be making my purchase in next couple of days and will also post the pic of my camera along with the exact cash back I have earned. Topping the cream is their customer service who are very prompt in responding back to your questions. I would appreciate their service because it is very important to have your queries answered before you take a step ahead and venture into something...

So guys... are you ready to get shopping...make sure you visit

Shop Karo....Loot Lo Aur Cash Karo....

Happy Shopping folks.

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Double Margherita @ Midnight with a Panda.

What???? I don't see any relevance to the heading and it is all odd pair combo that I wrote out of my mind.  Some experiences are good to remember and will remain with you especially when you are badly in need-----So is this one.

Well you will get the sync by giving your brain a run. Late night cravings and irregular shift timings have been part of my life for the past 3 years and every now and then my body alarm takes sometime adjusting to the nocturnal requirements. Last week,my team mates sat robotically working seriously on their laptops and none of us din't bother to take a minute to breath out for food or tea.
Then we realized that we had still 6 more hours to go....we went down to see that our cafeteria ditched us leaving us without any option except to crib and find out alternates......

Cling...Cling.... Tik...Tik.... Laptop sounds....... Yippie we have a Panda...... My old buddy~The food Panda.. who snuggled me out last time without greasing my hands with lavish spread inviting me.

Most of the restaurants are closed by 11:00 PM and as city starts to pull its night blanket in chilly weather...getting yourself almost nothing,I remembered Panda as we needed desperately to eat something.

I started browsing Food Panda website. Let me tell you all that every time I visit this site... I have something new tantalizing my taste buds along with exciting discounts without aching my pocket and also leaves me as a happy camper smiling broadly. For me discounts woo me so much that they leave me an option to go pamper myself again. Its a simple strategy.  With the same amount... You can enjoy two different meals ...two different times.
Settling for Pizzas....this yummy and hunger satiating Panda was so good that it was showing me the restaurants which were open after 11:00 PM. I really appreciate this point because if you keep choosing your menu and then you find that your restaurant is closed for the day....ah.....fuel to your hunger....

My selection was easy and the Panda was my buddy to help me out what our 5 hunger stricken and stress ridden homo sapiens wanted and our pizza was delivered piping hot and we got great discount too on our existing order and one more in our bag to save ourselves next time.  So we had Double Margherita Pizza at around 12:45 early morning with Food Panda....Now did you get what I was referring to on my header..... :)

Thank you Panda

I would surely vouch for this Panda and it is always at rescue and this time we had 5 more people joining the Food Panda club from my team who are totally in love. You will truly love it.. The chat feature helps you understand their concept and how it works apart from ordering food of your choice.

Exciting Offers+Exquisite Menu+Lovely Team =Food Panda Team.

My Rating:
Ease to navigate website - 4.5/5
Menu options : 4.5/5
Pricing options and discounts: Simply Awesome. I really love this.
Chat Service- 5/5
Availability- 3/5
I would really appreciate if this service expands its boundaries.

You can check out their website along with elaborate menu display tantalizing the taste buds at and also download their mobile application by visiting
Cheers to team Food Panda.

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