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Eggless Chocolate Mug Pudding

I was feeling like cooking what was on my mind yesterday... I was in full swing to pamper myself on a lazy sunday.... People around me were covering themselves with blankets and were indulging in something piping hot food like soups....snacks etc....and I wanted to eat a pudding and that to a chocolate one with nuts... I browsed many websites but couldn't find one which could be made in a jiffy with readily available ingredients. After huffing puffing for a while without any luck.... I remembered a recipe which I read in one of the blogs... I wish I could remember the author as well...I went reconstructing the bits and pieces of my vague remembrance..and then comes my pudding out of scratch~ Chocolate Mug Pudding. This heavenly pudding was sinful.
Hey also look at my site layout and let me know how it is.... I struggled one whole day to make it look this way... Still the work is in progress... You will get to see more.

Come let's indulge in this no bake and easy to make Pudding.

 photo 258_zps8eae9c59.jpg

Custard Powder- 3 tbsps
Milk Chocolate Pieces - 2 tbsps
Fruit Cake- 2 slices crumbled
Cocoa Powder- 2 tbsps
Sugar- 4-5 tbsps
Vanilla essence- 1/4 tsp
Milk - 2 cups
Butterscotch nuts and colorful sprinkles or chocolate shavings for decoration.
Chopped nuts- 2 tbsps
 photo 261_zps15a4b0e0.jpg
Take a bowl and add custard powder, cocoa powder and sugar.Mix all the ingredients well and then add 1 cup of milk.  Whisk this mixture well to get semi solid consistency. Take a heat proof bowl and add milk chocolate pieces and melt it using double boiler method.
Take a mug and layer it with crumbled fruit bread. Top it with a layer of chopped nuts and keep it ready.
Now heat 1 cup of milk in a sauce pan and add cocoa-custard milk mixture and keep stirring this mixture and avoid lumps. Add vanilla essence
 photo dwwadwadwa_zpsc57f743f.jpg
You have got to be super quick to break the lumps as this mixture settles down and gives you a run. Once the mixture is thick(5-6) mins or less. Off the flame and transfer this sauce to your mug.

Garnish with butterscotch nuts and colorful sprinkles. Refrigerate for an hour.

My Notes:
1) Alternatively you can use Corn Flour instead of custard powder.
2) For crunch and that nutty texture- You can add 1 tbsp of Cocoa powder and 1tbsp of any Malt based energy drink like Bournvita or Boost
3)  You can use whipping cream and flavor it with chocolate and the creativity can go endless. I saw a basic one... adding bread was out of my head.

Relish Happiness

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  1. looks mouthwatering n yummy....

  2. such a yummy pudding... wish i could grab that mug...

  3. Thank you so much Shweets...divya

  4. Rafeeda...come down...I will treat your big sweet tooth with many yums...

  5. Rafeeda...come down...I will treat your big sweet tooth with many yums...

  6. hey..thanks a lot for stopping by my space... u have a lovely blog here and glad to have found your blog :) happily following u from now on

  7. Looks very tempting.. love it :D

  8. lovely mug pudding.. M not a choco fan but this pic definitely makes me drool

  9. Wow! nice Pudding Chaitra, following you


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