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Unwind Urself ~ Shop @ India Circus.

A friend of mine shares on my Whatsapp wall a quote which reads " Two Things Which Make Any Girl Happy Are ~~ I Love You and 50% Sale".

50% off, Happy Hours Sale, Clearance Sale are synonyms are magnanimously related  to shopping. For most of us they are just excuses to shop. These days online shopping is paving way for new trends and bringing us the best from all around. With loads of online shopping experience (claiming so) and with some hand burnt experiences, I wanted to share something real exciting. We have many sites online selling loads of goodies like clothes, crockery, footwear, electronics, kitchen appliances etc and the list goes unending.

So am I... I go head over heels for online stuff and finding the right designer labelled goods online is very rare and sometimes not worth for the money quoted. In the quest for finding those chic, contemporary, unique and affordable accessories I land on this India Circus Site.

I must say that this website looks very well organized showcasing contemporary yet affordable goods touching our lives on a day to day basis which range from Home decor to personal accessories.
Gone are the days people used to look at Fasttrack watches with awe... now its all designer. Just redesign your old Fast track watch and see how it makes a style statement of yours.  You can proudly flaunt that its a designer piece. India Circus has transformed idiosyncratic, rich ,historical yet out of reach experiences into designs and people's ideas into thoughts and wove them as clothes, accessories. I am not someone who would like to have a simple flower on my bed sheet and that doesn't mean that I wouldn't run for some exquisite designer bed sheets. I would also not deny the fact that I would love to have something resembles my taste on what I sleep cozily and lose myself in dreamland.  India Circus is answer to those lavish spread of designer extravagances.

Let's take a walk around and explore the website. Join hands with me in this journey. I am sure that you would run to the website even before we complete this post and not miss the current sale and some awesome collections.

Hey we talked about the website and the collections... How did we miss on the designer?
The face behind this wonderful collection is Krsna Mehta. holding the legacy of 2 successful decades of experience, he nurtured this treasure called India Circus which embarks his entrepreneurial venture and features


Let's review the collections

Home Decor





Happy Sale.....Reason to Smile

Are you still scrolling down to read? I thought you must have filled your shopping carts by now....:)

I always make sure to check contact us/ Faq options to understand the fine prints and their policies. Their chat now option put me at ease and their customer service was very courteous and polite answering my endless questions.
Smile.... That's a reason to buy.

I will share another reason to buy from India Circus.

You get a flat 1000 RS coupon once you sign up for their website. That's Kewl..... I am gonna jump in for something like that.

I selected 2 t-shirts which give me that uber cool look and also self sufficient me with all the chances to flaunt in front of my friends and also give them a reason to be jealous of.

Only thing that was little concerning was the size of the tshirt as I ended up getting loose size which could be avoided by having a size chart on the site. But the team was happy to help me with an exchange. It's an awesome experience that one should have and own designer pieces.

Gift Hampers
Hey also remember that incase if you are looking for gifting options, then you also have gift hampers which will double your loved ones joy.

So ladies.... coming festive seasons pamper yourself with some Ultra Chic stuff.

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