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Rotating between shifts is really irksome and gets me on my nerves. Surely, it takes a toll on my health when my shift oscillates between afternoon for a month and extreme night shift the other.I sleep for about 6 hours a day and the remaining time, I become an owl as I cannot sleep due to some night shift related infirmities . Cooking something around 6:30 AM in the morning after a tedious shift makes me remember my mom who used to serve piping hot tiffin with a cup of coffee. Gone are those days, now I should cook for myself as well as for a dependent who works in an evening shift. Cooking something really healthy occurs only on weekends. But what about health? Does something nutrional enter my body during 5 days of a week?

I know it certainly sparks a question on your mind.
But most of you know that I am a health nut, so I have adapted my lifestyle with healthy eating habits and also with subsititutes which do not call in for elaborate cooking. So here goes my research and this helps me to stay fit and healthy.

1) Green Tea- Yes, I have replaced those innumerable amounts of normal tea with green tea. Yes, it is working for me as I do not feel weak like stem of a climber after my shift.

2) Healthy and Tasty breakfast habits- Yes, healthy food can be tasty and comforting to your stomach.
How many of you have heard of Ragi(African Finger Millet) ?

Most of us say yes while accepting the hard fact that it isn’t tasty and even the point that it bags many health benefits fails to convince us.  So was I? I still remember my neighborhood aunt giving some sticky mass early in the morning and when enquired out of curiosity, she said that its for her daughter’s health.
I made all sorts of possible faces when I came to know that aunt doesn’t even use salt or sugar in that porridge. (?)
How about giving this Ragi a twist and make it more convenient for all the age groups eat it fuss free with happy faces?
Sounds great….I can hear that….

Kottaram Agro foods has conceptualized this particular thought and gave a twist to bland tasting Ragi and this is surely a boon to people like me who cannot cook healthy elaborate meals but still can be blessed with an intake of daily dose of nutrients. “Soulfull” took birth as a result of Prashant’s concept.
Prashant Paramewaran, a young, Kochi entrepreneur has successfully packaged ragi into tasty, delicious, healthy, breakfast options. “Please talk more about ragi and not about me,” says Prashant, the man who successfully launched Soulfull, a year back. Created by Kottaram Agro Foods, based out of Bangalore, the food brand focuses on two categories—breakfast cereals and instant dosa mixes.

Sourcing the grain from farmers and traders the products come out of three factories located in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The product range now includes the original ragi flakes, flavoured flakes, vanilla and choco-filled ‘ragi bites,’ idli and dosa mixes.
Flavored flakes?

Monday Blues…weekday stresses etc etc call for some quick and easy breakfasts like cornflakes every morning. Fussy eaters like me can’t have corn flakes every day. Imagine a kid in my place instead. She would definitely give her mom a run behind her. So to make breakfast more tasty and healthy, Soulfull combined yummy chocolate in ragi filled pockets. Health makes mom happy and chocolate or vanilla filling makes fussy pickers to fall in love with it.
Ragi Flakes-
I read reviews online about Ragi cornflakes and the one that caught my attention was by a Nutritionist and fitness consultant Luke says that these corn flakes taste better than Kellogs and I totally agree with him. Because of their size and crispy texture these cornflakes add extra zing to normal milkshakes and parfaits. Yes, you can even make milkshakes for your kids and they will not know that they you incorporated Ragi in it.

Dosa or Idly Mixes-

We have many dosa mixes available in the market including ready to prepare dosa batters. For ready to make dosas, you will have to add curd or boiling water and you will end up getting sour tasting dosas. I so miss my mom and here fluffy idlis and crepe dosas and I cannot escape my South Indianness and my love for dosas. Their dosa mixes are perfect filling tiffins anytime and do not require much of hassle. All you need is 15mins to mix and pour it on your skillet and you get crispy dosas. Instructions are pretty clear on how to go about making a dosa. I am totally in love with their Rawa Idly’s. Usually instant idly’s turn rubbery and hard if you allow them to stand for 2 hours or so. But Soulfull’s idlie’s are porous and lite on that note. I loved carrying them to office.

Final Verdict:
Soulfull Ragi Cornflakes- 3/5
Rawa Idly Mix- 5/5
Choco Fills- 4.5/5
Dosa Mix- 3.5/5

Online- or or
In Hyderabad- Hypercity


Thank you team for introducing me to switch to a healthy breakfast and to stay fit.

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