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Energy Bars- No Bake

This post comes right after an exciting win at Nirlep. So yours truly made all the way to winning first prize and here I stand(type) quite elated in front of you.

Leaving that news aside.

So last week Nature's Valley Granola bars caught my attention and I ended up picking one big pack . Though I found the price little on the higher side, I thought after a tiring day I could nibble one and get some instant energy. Without even waiting for the week to pass, I completed all those 6 bars big bars.

So much so that I was waiting to get my next pack. That supermarket is quite far from my place and so was the price of granola bars. I google searched for some easy energy bars... but to my luck I could find some chewy bars and they are least to my liking. So taking experience from my chocolate making classes, I prepared these crunchy bars using simple ingredients...Just the way I wanted..

 photo Ribbetcollage_zps0e2dfc0c.jpg

These quickies are easy peasy and so far the best I have tasted. They are healthy, tasty and crunchy.
So let's hit the road.

Energy Bars

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Dark Chocolate compound- 1 cup (roughly chopped)
Muesli- 1 cup
Strawberry or honey cornflakes - 1/2 cup (optional)
For garnish- cooking oats and cornflakes - 1/2 spoon
Butter- 2 tbsps (I used low fat)
Salt- 1 pinch

Melt dark chocolate using double boiler method or alternatively microwave for 20-30 secs.
To this melted chocolate,  add 1 tbsp of butter and remaining ingredients.
Combine all the ingredient and  this mixture is rigid to handle.
Apply butter on a plate and pour this mixture in it. Using back of a spoon, level this mixture evenly.
Refrigerate this mixture for 15-20 mins.
Once it is set, use a sharp knife and cut them into pieces.
Store in an air tight jar.
These bars stay good in room temperature for 2 days but best for about a week in fridge.

 photo 037_zps1748d359.jpg

Chef Says:
You can replace butter with softened peanut butter and add honey to melted  chocolate for extra taste.
I used Saffola Nuts Muesli which is loaded with nuts. If you are using sugar free muesli or one which is devoid of nuts, then you can add nuts of your choice.
You can also add flax seeds, sesame seeds and roasted oats.

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