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The Savings Loot.

I still remember the day I shifted to this rented house instead leaving hostel (read it as terrible) life behind. Without any plans as to how I will be surviving or what are the minimum things that I will need to get on, I just took a decision in jiffy only to repent post shifting.

The major challenge was what to buy... because everything in the supermarket appeared to be useful or pretended to be of use soon.  So to eliminate my everyday chase and multiple lists and consolidations, I went room by room to buy quite essentials.

Tik....Tik...Tik... There enters the dragon....The Kitchen.
I went to shop for my kitchen essentials and I shopped as much as I could keeping my list in the bag. Also note that I bought some blog props etc as well. I was under the impression that they wouldn't cost me more than a couple of thousands. I was completely taken when I saw the bill that I was no where close to the couple of thousands budget that I went by,

When I started rechecking the items I bought, I realized that I had to get some off from my shopping bag or I had to compromise on quality of the kitchenware if I had to accommodate all. I was not really convinced on compromising with quality or the choice of kitchenware. Somehow huffing puffing and quite embarrassed I left the shop because I had to Compromise somewhere on the quality or I was unsure if it was the disappointment that I couldn't get something off my choice.

That was 3 years back story.... Now I am happy camper here... I make most when there is a sale going on. Let me rephrase my sentence... It is my loot.. Guess what Just in the month of August I got some super cute and branded cookware for my kitchen at cool prices and also got some cashback for my shopping.

Doesn't it sound interesting......?

Yes right!!

Personally after that experience.... I have decided that I wouldn't compromise on quality or would I take any not so nice unbranded stuff. So the best way to hit the nail right on without weighing my wallet is to make the most during the sale.

You might be curious to know as to why am I talking so much about saving on Kitchen appliances now...

This is all for my readers.... there is a loot going on at Zoutons and you can go ahead and really make most of it.....

What say???

Click on the link and fill your shopping bags.....

Don't forget to thank me for this exciting deal.....:)

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