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Veg Manchurian Gravy - Chinese Tonight!!

My love for Chinese food is unending. Its a never say "no" for me cuisine. It always tops my anytime order list at any restaurant. Most of the times, i find it a safe game to play rather than experimenting at places where I am not really sure about the food. On a side note, I do read the Zomato user reviews ;)
So coming back to the recipe, its little tedious and back breaking one but the end result is all worth it. It tastes good even after a day of refrigeration as well. I mean that's my personal opinion but still you can try if you'd like to... This was again a request from Mr.P who wanted to have Fried Rice and Manchuria for his dabba. He often makes these out of the blue requests when I already have the lunch menu for the next week ready and plan my groceries accordingly.

This is a no fail recipe which I had tried a zillion times now and it turns out super tasty bursting with flavors -garlicky....peppery...crunchy...tangy...spicy etc etc..... I love it and so did Mr.P who was happy with his lunch box.

Let's hit the road.

Veg Manchurian Gravy

 photo IMGP0504_zpse6a886aa.jpg

For Balls:

Cabbage - 1/2 cup
Beans - 1/4th cup
Carrot - 1/4th cup
Onion - 1 small
Ginger n Garlic - 1 tbsp
Green Chillies - 2 (optional but recommended)
Soya Sauce - 1 tbsp
All Purpose Flour - 1/2 cup
Corn Flour - 1 tbsp
Water - as required
Salt- as per taste
Pepper Powder- 1/2 tsp

 photo IMGP0501_zps9cbd6dee.jpg

For Sauce

Spring Onions - 3 sprigs
Onion- 1 small chopped finely (optional)
Garlic - 6- 8 flakes finely finely (adjust as per liking)
Green Chilly - 1 chopped finely
Soya Sauce - 1  tbsp
Hot & Sour Sauce - 1/2 cup
Pepper Powder- 1 tsp
Corn Flour - 1 tbsp
Water - 1 cup
Oil - as required (for frying + 2 tbsps for gravy)
Sesame Seeds- for garnish
Salt- as per taste


Run all the vegetables like carrot, beans and cabbage through food processor/chopper separately. Trust me this makes life easier instead of fine chopping.
Grind all the vegetables into itty bitty pieces. Do not puree. Pulse them twice and you are good to go.
Transfer them into a bowl and repeat the same procedure with onion, garlic-ginger and green chillies.
Add them to your vegetables bowl and combine all the other ingredients included under Manchuria balls list.
Do not add water.
Ideally the water content from vegetables itself should help you combine the mixture into a dough. But if required, you can add water but little by little. I din't add water to the dough.
Heat oil for deep frying in a wok and once oil is hot, turn your flame to medium low.
Shape the mixture/dough into balls(small or medium) and drop them in hot oil.
Fry until dark golden brown in color.
Transfer them onto a kitchen towel to let the excess oil go. We don't need extra oil right...:)

 photo IMGP0502_zps5fdc5c61.jpg

Let's prepare the mmmm...tangy..spice sauce.
Heat 2 tbsps of oil in a cooking pan, once it is hot add garlic, green chillies and onion(include white part of spring onions + normal onion{if using}).  Fry for a min on high flame.
Turn the flame to medium low and add both the sauces one by one and give a good stir.
Once all the ingredients are combined.
In a small bowl make a thin paste of corn flour and water. No lumps please.
Add this to your sauce. Ensure that your flame is low before you add corn flour paste, else you will have a sticky mass instead of saucy consistency.
Keep Stirring.
Your sauce turns deep chocolate brown and becomes glossy which is the right stage.
Add salt  and pepper powder.
Time for Manchurian balls to get dunked in the gravy. Go ahead and drop them in your sauce.
Add spring onions & Sesame and switch off the flame.
Serve hot with fried rice.

You can check out the below fried rice combinations
Veg Corn Fried Rice
Veg Fried Rice

 photo IMGP0498_zpsa32af594.jpg

My Notes:
1)If you find making sauce little tedious, then you can get Knorr Chinese Chilli or Chings Manchurian gravy Sauce Mixes. Just mix it with water as per packet instructions and add manchurian balls.
2)Adding onions to sauce is optional. My mom makes it that way and I love the crunch flavor onions imparts.
3) You can omit ginger, garlic and green chillies while making manchurian balls. Just increase pepper powder over a tsp for spice.

If you still have any questions/suggestions, I am happy to answer them over my FB page (find it on the top-right side header)

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In @ Aathidhyam Curries Easy To Make Tangy delights

Easy Chole Masala or Chana Alu Masala


Its raining sweets and desserts on my FB news feed. Though they tempt me to the core, I am trying hard not to indulge in sweets as I promised my mom that I am gonna be more careful with my eating habits. Every time I feel chocolate, I am gobbling a date down or settling in for dark chocolate. May be I can have change in mind sometime next week and I am sure that I am gonna indulge in some guilt free or vegan options.
This is just another random post which popped out of no way from the blue. I loved the simplicity of this recipe and the bursting flavors of spice and tang. Its a perfect go to with rotis and mild pulaos. Its a simple, no mess and no fuss recipe. I was given clear instructions by Mr.P that he wants it to be spicy and not too too tangy (that's what he says for over powering tomato curries) So here we go with his much appreciated dish.

Well I am not so happy with the clicks due to low lighting. I promise to replace them soon.

 photo IMGP0487_zps08ec5ae9.jpg

Easy Chole/Chana Alu Masala
Chole/Chick Peas- 1 cup
Potato - 2 medium sized
Tomatoes Hybrid- 2 (medium chopped finely)
Onion - 2 small chopped finely
Green Chillies -2 -3 chopped
Kasuri Methi - 1/2 tsp
Salt - as per taste
Chilly Powder- 1 tsp
Coriander Powder- 1 tsp
Garam Masala - 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder- 1 tsp
Tomato Ketchup- 1 tbsp (refer notes)
Fresh Coriander - 1 bunch chopped
Ginger- Garlic paste - 1 tbsp
Water- 1/2 - 3/4th cup
Oil- 1 tbsp
Jeera- 1 tsp

 photo IMGP0488_zps67021614.jpg

Soak Chick peas overnight and pressure cook along with potatoes until 3 whistles.
Once pressure is released, reserve 1/2 of boiled potato and 2 tbsps of chick peas and mash it..
Heat oil in a cooking vessel and let jeera crackle.
Add chillies and onions to this mixture. Fry onions until translucent.
Its time for ginger garlic paste (freshly made works great, but a good ready made one also does fair job). Fry till the pungent smell subsides.
Now add tomatoes and cook them to mush (takes about 7-8 mins) without adding water.
Add all the spice powders and add about 2 tbsps of water.
Cook till all the spices are absorbed into tomato mixture.
Crush kasuri methi with your palms and add it to tomato paste.
Now add chick peas and boiled potato to this mixture.
Give a good stir to ensure even coating of masala.
Add 1/2 cup of water and cover this mixture with a lid.
After 2 mins, add the mashed alu-chick peas mixture you've reserved.
Add tomato ketchup (if using)
Mix all the ingredients well and cook till you get desired consistency.
Add chopped coriander and switch off.
Serve hot with Roti or Mild Pulaos.

 photo IMGP0490_zps12dab1a3.jpg

1) If you are using local tomatoes then use 1 medium instead of 2 and avoid tomato ketchup.
2) You can use Tomato Puree instead of tomatoes. Use 3/4th cup.
3) Increase the level of spice according to your taste.
4) If you dislike this kind of gravy and love creamy gravy then grind the mixture into smooth paste after tomatoes are added. (This is before spice powders are added) Just fry this smooth paste for 2 -3 mins and follow the rest procedure
5)You can make simple chole by omitting potatoes.
6) If your gravy is too runny, then add 1 tbsp of wheat flour along with 2 tbsps of water and add it to the gravy.

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In @ Aathidhyam Dips or Bread Spreads

Honey Peanut Butter

Ever Since I tasted peanut butter, I became a big fan of it and I would love to have it sandwiched between brown bread and settle in for quick fixes. I tend to skip my meals because of work demands and taking even 30 mins break becomes suffocating as day progresses making you repent for the break. So the best alternative I found out is to pack some sprouts or some cold coleslaw or sandwich with peanut butter spread or jam or some dip alongside dates or granola bars. This makes me a happy camper wherein I can nibble and also not worry about putting on weight.
Not sure what's wrong, my local vendor stopped getting these peanut butter jars and gave me a no stock story week after week. Surprised to see no stock board for peanut butter, I decided to make my own and it was my mom who gave me this easy peasy recipe. Only thing it lacked was the color but tasted it really nice and was easy for me to spread unlike the tough not so very easy Saffola peanut spread.
Before I hit the recipe, I have another happy news to share, my dad gifted me a DSLR. Wow!! I have been saving money to gift myself a DSLR next year and my Secret Santa(my dad) heard this wish and bought me one as a surprise during my last visit. So better pics for my readers and more fun for me!!

Let's hit the road.
 photo Blog_zps29cabd66.jpg

Peanut Butter

Peanuts: 1 cup
Oil - 2.5 - 3 tbsps
Salt - 2 pinches
Honey -1- 1.5 tbsps (optional) refer Chef Says

 photo IMGP0479_zpscef8c06d.jpg


Dry roast peanuts in a skillet till they turn brown.
Allow them to cool and remove their skins.
In a food processor or mixie, add all these ingredients and keep blending till your mixture is creamy and shiny.
Transfer it into an air tight container and store in fridge.
This should stay good for few weeks.

 photo IMGP0477_zps1ccff4f7.jpg

Chef Says:

1) You can make spicy or sweet peanut butter by adding ingredients of your choice.
2)  Instead of honey you can add sugar and this makes normal peanut butter.
3) You can make chocolate or cinnamon peanut butter by adding cocoa powder in chocolate and 3/4th tsp of cinnamon powder in Cinnamon Peanut butter.
4) You can make crunchy peanut butter by reserving itty bitty pieces of peanuts and finally mix them in the prepared butter.

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In Reviews

College Dunia

Thought this is an offbeat post from my regular food blogging, I nudged myself to write because of its effectiveness.

College Dunia is my blog post for the day.

 photo 1_zps14cccd8b.jpg

Before I could jump in right away with my review. Let me share my personal experience to give you better insight. Most of my regular readers know that I work as a Senior HR currently and I got into working post completing graduation. Even after repeated sirens from my dad asking me to continue my studies(let me add I was a merit student), my day job kept me so so occupied that these sirens couldn't ring a bell.

As if I woke up from a deep slumber after 4 years, I realized what I have lost and wanted to pull my academic thread from where it was left. Trust me, I googled, searched, seeked help from near & dear, ex -employees etc on persueing my Masters. I wanted a college which offers more flexibility with regards to studying and managing my schedule. Any haphazard oscillation in this balance between work life and student life will press me like a straw.

I researched for about 2 months but couldn't find something which could offer me that convenience  whilst most websites had incorrect  information, exam dates or outdated schedules or some irrelevant stuff.  Nothing could direct me to what I was looking for.... Though not so happy, I had to settle in for a business management school near my place which is not so very recognized but serves the purpose of Masters Degree.

When I was reviewing College Dunia  site, I was left with a feeling of remorse and I really wish I could have found this site atleast a couple of months before. It's a neat and clean layout with precise information contributing as headlines and Top news. You have all the major streams presented in tabs.

 photo 2_zps867d01ef.jpg

All you need to click is the stream (say medicine-which I love doing) and you get all the information in an explicit manner giving you the options of full time, part time, distance mode and On Campus and most importantly the location from where you can avail this courses.

 photo adfas_zps844a259d.jpg

If you wish to do it from a top notch college, then just scroll down and you have a plethora of premium college catering to your needs and all you need to do is find the one which aligns to your needs and go ahead to build your golden future.

You even have news column with data about exam entrances categorized based on dates which makes it really easy.

 photo sfasdfhdrgtdhgr_zps13bccb09.jpg

So incase if somebody is on a hunt about career prospects or looking for some guidance, why don't you suggest them . Remember you are helping them becoming something worthwhile.

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