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College Dunia

Thought this is an offbeat post from my regular food blogging, I nudged myself to write because of its effectiveness.

College Dunia is my blog post for the day.

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Before I could jump in right away with my review. Let me share my personal experience to give you better insight. Most of my regular readers know that I work as a Senior HR currently and I got into working post completing graduation. Even after repeated sirens from my dad asking me to continue my studies(let me add I was a merit student), my day job kept me so so occupied that these sirens couldn't ring a bell.

As if I woke up from a deep slumber after 4 years, I realized what I have lost and wanted to pull my academic thread from where it was left. Trust me, I googled, searched, seeked help from near & dear, ex -employees etc on persueing my Masters. I wanted a college which offers more flexibility with regards to studying and managing my schedule. Any haphazard oscillation in this balance between work life and student life will press me like a straw.

I researched for about 2 months but couldn't find something which could offer me that convenience  whilst most websites had incorrect  information, exam dates or outdated schedules or some irrelevant stuff.  Nothing could direct me to what I was looking for.... Though not so happy, I had to settle in for a business management school near my place which is not so very recognized but serves the purpose of Masters Degree.

When I was reviewing College Dunia  site, I was left with a feeling of remorse and I really wish I could have found this site atleast a couple of months before. It's a neat and clean layout with precise information contributing as headlines and Top news. You have all the major streams presented in tabs.

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All you need to click is the stream (say medicine-which I love doing) and you get all the information in an explicit manner giving you the options of full time, part time, distance mode and On Campus and most importantly the location from where you can avail this courses.

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If you wish to do it from a top notch college, then just scroll down and you have a plethora of premium college catering to your needs and all you need to do is find the one which aligns to your needs and go ahead to build your golden future.

You even have news column with data about exam entrances categorized based on dates which makes it really easy.

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So incase if somebody is on a hunt about career prospects or looking for some guidance, why don't you suggest them . Remember you are helping them becoming something worthwhile.

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