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Mango-Vanilla Custard Verrines with Nuts & Dark Chocolate

Ever since I saw this recipe here, I knew that I am gonna give it a shot when it rains mangoes. Yes, I was waiting for the Mango season to arrive to prepare this layered delightful dessert. I am totally in love with this recipe for obvious reasons of its distinct layers and perfect alternate combination of light and dark shades which is truly an eye delight.

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I clicked these pics almost a month back but my Filter Kaapi ruled this dish and made it take a back seat.  Another interesting fact is that this recipe fetched me many awards and gifts. I am not sure whether people were bowled by the recipe or the clicks, but my Verrines recipe emerged as a winner in many contests. So ladies, you can be assured that you will get appreciations and happy smiles(burps) and you will amaze your loved ones with this luxury.

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So let's hit the road and let my recipe do the rest of the talking.
Mango-Vanilla Custard Verrines with Nuts and  Dark Chocolate
Milk - 1 cup
Custard Powder- 1 tbsp
Suagr -2 tbsps (adjust based on the sweetness of your mangoes)
Mango Pulp - 1/2 cup (Undiluted)
Nuts - 3 tbsps chopped (pistachios, almonds)
Dark Chocolate - 2 tbsps

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Bring 3/4th cup of milk to boil. While it boils, in a bowl add remaining 1/4th cup of milk and custard powder. Mix this mixture without any lumps.
Add this mixture by constant stirring to boiling milk.  Now keep stirring this mixture gets slightly thickened. Remember it shouldn't be runny. Allow it to cool down completely.
Using Double boiler method, melt dark chocolate and keep it ready. Alternatively you can use microwave to melt dark chocolate.
Let's get to my favorite part which is assembling. Take your shot glasses and spoon custard milk mixture into it. Gently tap the glasses so that the layer gets equal and air bubbles are popped. Now spoon mango pulp mixture into it.  Now add a layer of nuts. Repeat this procedure with these alternating layers until you reach brim of the glass.
Finally top it with nuts and melted dark chocolate. Refrigerate for an hour and serve chilled.

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Chef Says:

1) Do ensure that your custard milk isn't runny or it is in pouring consistency.  It should be semi. I ended up making runny custard so my chocolate and mango layers got submerged.
2) I added a spoon of dark chocolate layer after custard and mango layers. Just for the love of chocolate. But that's optional.
3) You can alternate with muesli layer or crunchies or anything. The variations can just go wild.
4) You can also drizzle honey just before serving instead of dark chocolate.

This recipe is making its way all the way to Hypercity. Why don't you hop over to Hypercity to get ingredients listed for this recipe?

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