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Gift of Love to your bundle of joy.

 I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from Blog adda that I was going to be a part of their Mummy Knows Best Campaign. I wanted to give it a shot. After 5 days, I received a package from Blog Adda.  Though I am not a mom, I had my bestie's niece who stays next door. My bestie Syeda has a cute and sweet 10 month old niece Alina. She is pumpkin and sweet little munchkin engaging us all with her chuckles, gurgles, cries, demands, threats etc.

Every day after work, I'd routine to spend some time with her. She takes her evening bath by the time I reach her place. Her mom gives her a nice oily body massage before she gets her to the bath. So when I got the invite, I know Alina is going to get that treat.

Her mom was initially reluctant to test as her parents had suggested to use the first pressed sesame seeds oil for the baby. So she wasn't convinced to try anything else. After 2-3 talks, she said she will try it.

Alina's mom and I had opened that brown carton with all excitement and  minds running all over with the product package or the branding details and other nuances.

There we go, we found  3 cute and neatly cling wrapped 100 ml bottles. The packaging specifically is a kid friendly with a cute elephant holding some weights. Well, that indicates that it's a sign of strength and health.

The colors on the outer carton are very vibrant and fresh. I love those colors.

Quickly we run through the components/ingredients along with the benefits. Dabur baby Massage oil with Olive and almond is enriched with the natural goodness of olives and almond as they have a key role in the baby's development.

The fragrance was mild and pleasant. I liked the soft smell and mild fragrance which gives the baby a soothing feeling.

Alina's mom read over and over all the ingredients and did a little research. Post which she was completely convinced that she is gonna give it a try. It was bath time or should I say time for us to pamper her with a nice massage.

We applied liberal portions of oil massage and I was sure that she was enjoying it. The fragrance is very mild and soothing on her. She was all smiles and it was obvious that it was very relaxing for her.

Her mom says she is a little cranky when she gets an oil massage and her today's behavior comes as a surprise to her. I found the first pressed sesame oil little dense and sticky owing to its properties unlike Dabur Baby Massage oil with Olive and Almond.It is very light and non greasy.

It gently moisturizes the baby's tender skin and makes it soft and supple. After 30 mins, she gets a bath and Alina sleeps peacefully. Her mom was happy with it and wanted to try it once again. After a couple of tries, she was ready to bid goodbye to the good old' traditional oils and was completely aware of the benefits Dabur Baby massage oil was giving.

Here is what she has to say about the benefits:(In her words)
1) Alina is less fussy and sleeps peacefully for long durations.
2) Her skin is very soft and moisturized. I used to find the previous oil little thick. After her bath, I used find the skin dry and little chapped with the normal oil. But Dabur Massage oil, retains moisture quotient.
3) Whenever I give her a massage, I can sense a relaxing feeling in her and she responds well.
4) I love this product and this will now be a part of my monthly shopping routine for my baby.

As a mother, I would recommend it to all the new moms. Lastly, this fragrance lingers even after bath and that makes me cuddle and touch Alina often. She smells so good.

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